Buggin' Out: Oct 30

Buggin' Out: Oct 30

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It’s taboo. It’s subversive. Indiana Jones did it with beetles in the Temple of Doom. Now may be the time for you to set out and explore the strange and delicious realm of entomophagy. Under the guidance of Monica Martinez, you will learn to make handmade chocolate-covered crickets, crispy mealworm mix and all sorts of creepy crawly dishes. An industrial designer and artist originally from Mexico City, Monica serves up pre-Hispanic insect snacks from her food cart, Don Bugito.


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The Details

La Cocina

2948 Folsom Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

About Don Bugito

Don Bugito is an edible insect street food project based in San Francisco. We offer rather unusual but tasty creative foods inspired by Mexican pre-Hispanic and contemporary cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. We believe in the future of edible insects as a smart answer to the existing demand for and shortage of high- protein foods on the planet.

Edible insects are popular among many cultures around the world. In Mexico, for instance, insects are delicacies and are consumed by both average folks in the countryside and customers at upscale restaurants in the cities.

Don Bugito is thrilled to be able to share new versions of these classic foods with an American audience as well as support a healthier world by providing a sustainable, ecological food.

Don Bugito is interested in reviving old cultural traditions as well as increasing the popularity and use of ingredients native to the American continent.