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Krav Maga Self Defense

  • Krav Maga Institute 539 Gough Street San Francisco, CA 94102 (map)

How to defend against multiple attackers with Krav Maga Institute

from 120.00

Protect ya neck with Krav Maga, an Israeli self defense system that focuses on the ability to defend yourself in real world situations. In this seminar led by Danny Zelig, a top-ranked Krav Maga expert and instructor, you will learn street-fighting techniques to fend off multiple attackers. You will also learn to recognize danger signals and be able to quickly formulate exit strategies. A second-generation disciple of Imi Lichtenfeld, Danny founded the Krav Maga Institute and has been teaching civilians, military personnel, and law enforcement teams for nearly thirty years. 20% off for the Curiosity Atlas community. (Originally $150/pp. now $120/pp.)

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Earlier Event: October 24
Later Event: October 30
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