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Contrary to what you may think, this workshop has nothing to do with overgrown pygmy trees. Shrubs are fruit and vinegar based syrups that are great for making home-made sodas and craft cocktails. Though they’ve been around for at least 400 years, shrubs are undergoing a fashionable revival as more mixologists experiment with this syrup to create unusual and memorable cocktails.

In this class led by Larry Piaskowy, you will combine different seasonal fruits, herbs and vinegars to create customized shrubs. You will also sample a variety of Larry's own exceptional concoctions in sodas and cocktails. A former chef at 15 Romolo, Larry is the mastermind behind BarJars.

The Take-Aways:

- 2 jars of your hand-crafted shrubs with instructions on how to finish the process at home.

- 1 jar of BarJars Shrubs with cocktail recipes (perfect for Thanksgiving!)

- 2 shrubs cocktails (or sodas) to enjoy during the workshop

- And your curiosity sated... for now.


Like some of your best friends, aged beers possess unique personalities and curious characteristics. In this workshop you will sample three different styles of beer—stout, barley wine, sour beer. Craig Wathen will introduce you to the brewing methods and characteristics that make these styles particularly suitable for aging and collecting. You will also learn to curate your personal aged beer collection and leave with a bottle to get you started. Craig, with his wife Beth, are the founders and owners of the magnificent City Beer Store.


Next time you catch a cold, skip the mad dash to Walgreens and rummage through your own handmade herbal apothecary instead. Herbal remedies are an effective and “green” alternative to expensive and synthetic pharmaceuticals. In this workshop taught by Riyana Rebecca Sang, you will learn about the core types of herbal medicines (tinctures, teas, decoctions, infusions, syrups), understand their benefits and applications, and how to use them. You will also make a tincture, a syrup, and a hand-blended tea to take home.

With over ten years' experience in making herbal medicine, Riyana is Program Director and Faculty Herbalist at Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley.  


Behold, your key to deciphering the mysteries of locks! In this workshop, Michael Fitzhugh will walk you through the importance of locks in daily life, the fundamentals of how locks work, and why many locks can be picked. You will be given your own kit of lockpicking tools and engage in a hands-on session where additional experts from The Open Organisation of Lockpickers will assist you in mastering the art of lockpicking. Michael is the organizer of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of TOOOL, an international organization dedicated to the advancement of public knowledge about locks.

Leatherworking with Jennifer Laursen

Leatherworking with Jennifer Laursen

Knot Tying with OCSC

Knot Tying with OCSC

Picking locks with a soda can

Picking locks with a soda can


At Curiosity Atlas, we love exploring new places, trying new things and getting our hands dirty with cool, new people. Our next destination: whole fish preparation with I Love Blue Sea.

When was the last time you cleaned a fish? And I don’t mean rinsing a fillet under water.  Do you know what to look for when picking out a whole fish? And what to do with all the extra parts? We’re right there with you.

We’re excited to have Fishmonger Matt and his team from I Love Blue Sea show us how to poke, prod, clean and fillet fish for maximum respect for both our taste buds and our oceans. They truly love all the fish in the sea, and educating us about wise seafood choices is at the heart of their mission – plus, they make a mean stock.

 This workshop includes:

  • a whole, sustainably-caught fish to process during class and take home
  • a filleting knife and tips for wielding it.
  • detailed, hands-on guidance on how to select, clean and fillet fish
  • tips on how to prepare the fish and use all the left-over bits
  • an overview of sustainable fishing practices and issues
  • and fish to sample during class


What’s round, green, and fuzzy all over? Yep, you guessed!  A delicate plant growing out of a small moss ball, a kokedama bonsai ball is pretty sweet.

Leigh and Allison, owners of Crimson Horticultural Rarities will guide us through making our very own kokedama while giving us an introduction to this ancient and seriously cool Japanese art form.

This Workshop Includes:

- Background on the tradition of kokedama
- Instruction and materials to create two bonsai balls
- Tips on kokedama display and care
- A celebration of our good work over refreshments in lovely Temescal Alley
- And a kit to continue the balling at home



Join us for a new edition of MacGyver Night on Thursday, November 8.

Curiosity Atlas invites you to channel your sexy über-geek in a high-energy, low-stakes evening of hands-on, creative fun inspired by MacGyver’s feats of imagination and intellect.

 What you’ll get

- drinks and snacks to fuel your ingenuity
- an outlet for your creative and destructive impulses
- an opportunity to save the day
- and your curiosity sated – for now