Curiosity Atlas Fellowships

With summer just around the corner, we are thrilled to announce our inaugural Curiosity Atlas Fellowship Program. We are looking for four talented, curious Fellows to each take on a distinct project over the summer within a creative and collaborative team. These projects together will lay the foundation for Curiosity Atlas to grow and thrive over the coming year.

1. Graphic Design Maven

2. Brand Engagement Strategist (filled)

3. Experience Producer (filled)

4. Community Engagement Strategist -Mobile (filled)


These are part-time opportunities for June through August 2013 - great for undergraduate seniors, grad students, or recent grads. We’ll brainstorm and plot together once a week; other project activities happen independently and on your schedule. 

You'll Give: Your creativity, your enthusiasm and 10-15 hours/week

You'll Get: Hands-on experience growing a start-up, mentorship from the IDEO trained founders, a tangible portfolio piece and a small stipend.

1. Graphic Design Maven

We’ve got a logo and a typeface we like – but we’re ready to kick our comms up a notch!

The Graphics & Brand Design Maven will work with the founders to:

- develop a brand identity system

- evolve and codify brand usage guidelines

- apply the identity system to communications pieces for our summer/fall events

You’ll get started by designing postcards, kit materials and other assets for upcoming Curiosity Atlas events to get a first-hand sense of the brand and our usage requirements; this will inform your work on the identity system and guidelines. You’ll collaborate closely with the rest of the team as they develop marketing, and experience strategies.

We are looking for:

- Stellar graphic design chops – print & digital

- A self-starter & question-asker 

- Great collaboration skills

- Curiosity about what’s happening in SF and how to share it with others! 

Please submit portfolio samples, resume and a quick note on why you’re curious about this position.


2. Brand Engagement Strategist (filled)

We have steadily grown a community of curious people who look to us for ways to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and learn new skills with new people in this stellar city of ours.  Now we’re ready to seriously boost our audience. 

The Brand Engagement Strategist will design, prototype and fine-tune a lean awareness and engagement strategy and plan.

The Brand Engagement Strategist will work with the founders to:

- Develop a qualitative understanding of our customers and where/how to reach and engage them

- Identify and build connections with blogs, media outlets, and other complementary businesses and organizations throughout SF 

- Determine which digital platforms to leverage 

- Build and begin implementing the Awareness and Engagement Strategy


You’ll work closely with the other Curiosity Atlas Fellows so they can integrate and help you test your plans. We anticipate that defining the strategy will require an experiential, iterative approach. 

We are looking for:

- Great verbal & writing skills

- A social media fiend 

- Experience in building an audience or community

- A natural networker 

- Great collaboration skills

- Knowledge of SF events & “scene” is a plus

Please submit a cover letter and resume. In your cover letter, please describe your experience in building a following for a project, event, cause or business.


3. Experience Producer (filled)

The experiences we produce are at the heart and soul of Curiosity Atlas – and there’s both art and science to making them curiously unique and memorable.

We are seeking someone with an eye for detail and a brain for systems and process, who understands that a brand truly comes alive when the experience is consistent on every level. 

The Experience Producer will work with the founders to:

- Evolve & codify the brand experience elements characteristic of Curiosity Atlas events

- Refine & codify the process of working with our partners

- Create The Curiosity Atlas Experience production toolkit


You’ll get started by being point person for upcoming events.  You’ll understand the look, feel and tone of our events as well as what goes into producing them in conjunction with our partners. With that in your back pocket, you’ll systematize the process into a toolkit that serves as a basis for future events.

We are looking for:

- A demonstrated passion for project & event management

- A self-starter & question-asker 

- Great collaboration skills

- An attitude of “nothing is too big or too small to tackle” 

- A sense of fun/playfulness amidst mayhem!

Please submit a cover letter (including your take on an event that went great), resume and a portfolio of past projects.


4. Community Engagement Strategist - Mobile (filled)

As part of our mission to connect people to real-life experiences (and each other), we are developing and launching a mobile app – think of it as a Curiosity Navigator! For our launch this summer, we are looking for a Community Engagement Strategist. 

The Community Engagement Strategist will work with the founders to:

- develop a list of potential partners and user communities to target for launch

- generate interest and excitement for the app pre-launch

- create launch events and campaigns to engage partners and end-users

- grow an active user community

- monitor the community to gather insights and feedback about the app


By the end of the fellowship, you will use your insights and experience to help craft the design brief, partner strategy and community engagement strategy for v.1 of the app.

We are looking for well-connected candidates who

- Have managed online communities and/or maintain one or several blogs

- Are social media savvy

- Are self-starters & question-askers

- Have great communications skills

- Have passion for getting out and doing things!


Please submit a resume and a quick note on why you’re curious about this position.