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Curious Character: Jennifer Laursen, Leatherworker

Give her a piece of any old leather and Jennifer Laursen can transform it into a thing of beauty. As the owner of Tilt Adornments, she uses traditional leatherworking techniques to create modern and unique accessories, anything from earrings to purses. Sign up for Jennifer's leatherworking workshop this Thursday to learn the basics of crafting with leather and how to use the tools of the trade. Design and make your very own perfect belt!


1. Define curiosity. 

Curiosity is the fire in my belly. It keeps me pushing on to the next project, next skill, the next discovery.  

2. How did you get started working with leather?

I got started in leather work when I simply mentioned to my boyfriend I was curious about the craft. My Christmas gift that year was a bag of simple tools and the next thing I knew I had a full-blown addiction.

3. What is your next adventure?

Dream adventure? Spending a week or two on a ranch learning leather techniques from a master saddle maker. Did I mention we ride horses every morning? Yep, thats living!

4. Happiness is….

My studio drenched in sunlight, door open, the smell of new leather, cat on the workbench, and Blood, Sweat and Tears playing in the background.


Curious Picks of the Week - October 22

Curiosity Atlas for iPhone

Great news: you can now get all our Curious Picks - including our workshops - on our new iPhone app. Below is a sampling of the curious Bay Area events and experiences we carefully and lovingly put together for you each and every week!


Download it here



TUES 10/22
San Francisco Cemetery Stories at DNA Lounge

THUR 10/24
Bold Italic Yacht Block Microhood Party in The Marina

SAT & SUN 10/26-27
SF Open Studios in the Mission, Castro, Bernal Heights and Noe Valley

SUN 10/27
James of All Trades at Castro Theater

MON 10/28
The Moth MainStage: The Big Bang at Zellerbach Hall

Foraged Fruit Forever


If you’re like us, you’ve been bingeing on figs and apples for the last several weeks, trying to get your fill before the season’s over. Stop the madness! Preserve now and enjoy later.

In honor of Food Shift, Interface Gallery’s new exhibition, we invite you to join us for preserves demo with Lonna Lopez of Oakland Dry Goods. She’ll show us how to make unique, hyper-local preserves with neighborhood-foraged fruit. You'll have the opportunity to purchase the preserves at the end.

We will also discuss fruit foraging and all the best spots to look in the Temescal neighborhood!

Tip To Tail


At Curiosity Atlas, we love exploring new places, trying new things and getting our hands dirty with cool, new people. Our next destination: whole fish preparation with I Love Blue Sea.

When was the last time you cleaned a fish? And I don’t mean rinsing a fillet under water.  Do you know what to look for when picking out a whole fish? And what to do with all the extra parts? We’re right there with you.

We’re excited to have Fishmonger Matt and his team from I Love Blue Sea show us how to poke, prod, clean and fillet fish for maximum respect for both our taste buds and our oceans. They truly love all the fish in the sea, and educating us about wise seafood choices is at the heart of their mission – plus, they make a mean stock.

Curious Kokedama Workshop

What’s round, green, and fuzzy all over? Yep, you guessed!  A delicate plant growing out of a small moss ball, a kokedama bonsai ball is pretty sweet.

Leigh and Allison, owners of Crimson Horticultural Rarities will guide us through making our very own kokedama while giving us an introduction to this ancient and seriously cool Japanese art form.

MacGyver Night


Curiosity Atlas invites you to channel your sexy über-geek in a high-energy, low-stakes evening of hands-on, creative fun inspired by MacGyver’s feats of imagination and intellect.

We will select a challenge at random and design our way out of the jam using only the materials provided.

We’ll transform an ordinary object into something completely new. Think hands-on and resourceful, with a few fun curve balls along the way.