Wow, what a year! Thank you for being part of our quest to cultivate curiosity with unique, hands-on experiences. In 2013 we learned how to make shrubs, pick locks, tie knots, concoct herbal remedies, survive the big one, stockpile beer, cook with bugs, defend against multiple attackers and MacGyver our way out of a jam… among other things.

We are endlessly grateful to everyone who made it possible; our passionate hosts, our generous partners at Verdi Club and Store Front Lab, our talented team, our wise advisors, and of course, our curious clients and customers.

Looking ahead, we resolve to make 2014 even more curious! We are looking forward to trying new things, meeting new people and exploring new places this coming year. We hope you’ll join us.

As always, we want to hear from you. What do you want to learn and explore in 2014? Who do you want to meet and learn from? What would you like to share with our curious community? Drop us a note.


Gretchen & the Curiosity Atlas Team