Curious Character: Matthew Jervis of MacGyver Night

Photo By Christopher Williams

Photo By Christopher Williams

We are thrilled to be working with Matt Jervis again this fall. He's a man with lots of mental duct tape, a good person to have near when you're in a jam, and a godsend when you need a creative jumpstart. A Maker Faire regular and an educator, he has led seminars for both kids and grown-ups — most recently with his sell-out MacGyver Nights that inspire adults to wield their problem-solving mojo, storytelling skills, and sharp objects to save the day. 

1. Define Curiosity.
Curiosity is a perfect expression of what it means to be human.
It's a basic mode of survival for the human species.
Our desire to “seek to learn” - and only then can we properly improve on
and achieve better results for the next generation.

2. Share a newly acquired skill.
No "new" skills acquired lately, just improving and refining the ones I got.
'Cause it's that kinda year.

3. What's your next adventure?
Proper time management.

4. What are you afraid of?

5. Happiness is...
Getting a task done, and done well.

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