We're excited to introduce you to author, sustainable gardener and forager, Kevin Feinstein. Kevin's teaching our Wild Urban Edibles workshop this Sunday, October 13. This walk in Buena Vista Park, led by Kevin Feinstein, will show you the varied  wild foods, nuts, and berries that grow in every corner of our city. You will learn to identify common local plants and distinguish between what’s dangerous and what’s edible. 


1. Define curiosity 

Curiosity to me is wanting to know more about your world and yourself.  


2. How did you get started learning & doing the thing(s) you do?

I got into this field to save the world and be closer to my food. 


3. What's your next adventure?  

My kickstarter campaign to write my new book, The Practical Forager, has launched.  And mushroom season is coming up!


4. Happiness is....  

Knowing where your food comes from.