Curious Character: Michael Fitzhugh of TOOOL

Michael is the organizer of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers, an international organization dedicated to the advancement of public knowledge about locks. When he's not sport picking locks (yes! it's a sport!) or teaching others to do so, Michael spends his time as a writer and editor. Take his Curiosity Atlas Workshop on Thursday 10/24 and learn to decipher the mysteries of locks!

Photo by Kristin Ray

Photo by Kristin Ray

1. Define curiosity 

Curiosity is an unflappable willingness to listen, learn, and seek lessons in failure.

2. How did you get started picking locks?

I first learned about locksport, the pursuit of competitive lock picking, from an article by Charles Graeber in Wired. I had always wanted to learn how to pick. When I learned that people actually got together to learn about locks and picking to compete and have fun, I reached out to my local chapter of TOOOL. What I found there was a community of people a lot like me: infinitely curious about locks and the world of physical security.

3. What do you fear? 

Great heights, man-made things underwater, and olives.

4. What new skills have you acquired lately? 

I'm teaching myself to program with Python and can now (sometimes) pick American Lock 5200 padlocks. 

5. What is your next adventure?

You tell me. I'm ready for it.