Curious Character: Larry Piaskowy of Bar Jars

We're excited to introduce you to Larry Piaskowy, chef and entrepreneur extraordinaire juggling many - uhm - jars. His passion is developing edibles and shrubs for his company, Bar Jars. Shrubs are delicious syrups of fruit infused in vinegar, to be mixed with water or something more serious - and one of America's favorite drinks circa 1665. They're making a come back so be sure to try them at our launch event and make your own at Larry's upcoming Curiosity Atlas Seasonal Shrubs workshop. A man of many talents and lots of energy, his modest mission is "helping people to enjoy drinking a little more." We'll toast to that!

Photo credit: Valter/ Balthazar Digital Media

Photo credit: Valter/Balthazar Digital Media

1. Define Curiosity.
Curiosity is the constant urge to find out more about the world we live in.

2. How did you get started doing what you do?
I fell into being a chef many years ago.  While working at 15 Romolo and learning about what bars can do when they have access to a kitchen, I realized that there was a niche to be filled.  I created Bar Jars to help bring these resources to bars that don't have them.

 3. What's your next adventure?

The new line of shrubs is the beginning of the next adventure. It has prompted me to learn more about cocktails and beverages in general. I talked some friends into training me to be a bartender at the Alembic on Haight Street. Out of the kitchen and behind the bar I go.  

4. Happiness is...
Happiness is being lucky enough to do something I love everyday. It has lead me on a path filled with fun adventures and good friends.